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types of commodities

Commodities Trading types of commodities

Posted by admin on 2023-06-02 10:43:36 |

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types of commodities

Energy Commodities Energy commodities include oil natural gas gasoline heating oil and coal These commodities are essential for various industries and are traded globally

Precious Metals Precious metals include gold silver platinum and palladium They are valued for their rarity aesthetic appeal and use in jewelry investment and industrial applications

Base Metals Base metals consist of nonprecious metals such as copper aluminum zinc lead and nickel These metals are used in construction manufacturing and infrastructure projects

Agricultural Commodities Agricultural commodities encompass a wide range of products including grains such as wheat corn rice oilseeds such as soybeans canola livestock such as cattle hogs and soft commodities such as coffee cocoa sugar cotton These commodities are affected by factors like weather conditions crop yields global supply and demand and government policies

Livestock Commodities Livestock commodities include live cattle feeder cattle lean hogs and pork bellies These commodities are influenced by factors like meat consumption patterns livestock production disease outbreaks and trade policies

Industrial Metals Industrial metals include commodities such as copper aluminum zinc nickel and tin They are widely used in manufacturing construction and infrastructure development

Soft Commodities Soft commodities refer to agricultural products that are grown rather than mined This category includes commodities like coffee cocoa sugar cotton and orange juice Soft commodities are influenced by factors like weather conditions disease outbreaks and global demand

Precious Stones Precious stones such as diamonds rubies emeralds and sapphires are also considered commodities These stones are valued for their rarity beauty and use in jewelry

Natural Gas Liquids NGLs Natural gas liquids including ethane propane butane and pentane are byproducts of natural gas production and have various industrial applications

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